Monday, November 7, 2011

Pumpkin Candles

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

My husband thoroughly enjoys lighting candles. Let me rephrase that—my husband thoroughly enjoys lighting one very specific pumpkin candle I bought earlier this fall. He is fully obsessed with this pumpkin candle, and it’s rare that I come home and do not find it burning on the coffee table. I don’t mind this habit of his obviously; it keeps our house smelling great. Here’s the problem, though—my husband does not always remember to blow the candle out. This is a very integral part of the candle burning process, lest you want your entire house to burn down while you are out at the movies. Despite my repeated reminders and warnings about the potential danger associated with leaving candles burning unattended, he still doesn’t remember to blow it out. Having at least a modicum of common sense, I decided to do something smart and sign up for adt glendale alarm monitoring. Now, while I can’t ensure my husband will blow out his pumpkin candle, I can at least know that if it does catch something on fire while we’re out, the monitoring company will notify the fire department. By the way, if that ever does happen, he will never live it down.

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