Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Discount Scrubs! And an Update! :)

Here is an update about Dave’s days in medical school:

We have all been adjusting to the new extra time apart but it will be all well worth it in the end.  He has to spend hours studying and me and the four year old have to give him that well needed time.  It has been hard adjusting but we are really trying hard to look at it day by day and week by week!   Now we are looking forward to his Christmas break!   That will be nice!

All he wears now are Scrubs!  I have never been in the market for scrubs before but I have found a great place to purchase them.  As I told you before I found a great place to purchase them at awesomely discounted prices  they have them for women and men, and even lab coats too! This would be a great spot to shop for your nursing uniforms 
I love that I can get custom scrubs / hospital uniforms there at a great price!
So don’t let your work or in this case school wear cost bog your budget down!  I get all of his men’s scrubs there.  Check out Blue Sky Scrubs!

This post brought to you by compensation from Blue Sky Scrubs.  100% opinions are mine!

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