Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting the nursery ready for our baby

Guest post written by Gabrielle Shelton

When it comes to decorating, I'm not that experienced. I've always relied on my friends and my mom to help me decorate things. Lucky for me, my mom loves doing that type of stuff so I've always been able to get her to help me with that stuff. But she isn't able to help me decorate the nursery because I've put it off for so long and she can't fly here on the turn of a dime. Besides, I'd rather her fly here after I have the baby instead of just to help me decorate. So I'm stuck decorating this nursery on my own.

I've been looking online for all of my nursery decorating inspiration. While I was online about a week ago, I ran across some info on hardwood floors installation. We have carpets in our home and I really hate them. So I think that we're going to finally get some hardwood floors installed!
But right now I'm worried about decorating the nursery. Floors can wait, the baby simply can't.

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