Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trade Shows?? Have You Been??

Have you ever been to a trade show of any kind before?  I have been to a few and I am always impressed.  I think the displays are so amazing!  I am always impressed how each individual company or booth so to speak uses different ways to catch our eye. They have logo mats or logo canopy that are so vivid and cool looking.  All designed to grab our dollar at the same time.  If you have not been to a trade show I recommend that you attend one for your trade.  They are so informative and fun! 

I went to a food show once and I thought I would explode!  There were so many new and exciting new tastes to try and smells around every corner.   Even at a food show there were awesome and fantastic displays for each company.  I was even impressed when I saw the trade show carpet with each company’s logo or special eye catching messages.

I cannot wait to go to my next show!  I love meeting new faces and talking with them learning a tiny bit about them through their voice, gestures or even by how they present themselves.  I love seeing new products, learning about new products and experiencing them.  It is like reviewing tons of different products all at the same time.  That is so exciting.  I sound silly getting excited over a new way to cook eggs or a faster or the newest mop that does not leave streaks on the floor but really anything that can help me as a mom do my job easier is a blessing to me.  Not all new products are perfect and match my mommy life, but the discovery is what’s fun. 

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