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Book Review: More Lost Than Found by Jared Herd

Book Review More Lost than Found by Jared Herd Finding A Way Back to Faith.

"My father asserted with bravado to the mostly vacant room that his younger boy’s name was now written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, as if he had written it himself."

In the beginning of the Prologue I felt it was not written very clear like the above passage.  I feel the author has a huge important amount of information about the moment he felt his faith was lost but he just can't express it so that the reader feels the importance.  The first few pages are not easy to follow; they are as one of my friends used to call them, “Clear as mud.”
I am only left to know that his father had some transgression that was very embarrassing and it was somehow the church’s fault.  I am not sure what that means, at first I thought he was unfaithful to his wife but I am not sure how the church would be to blame for that.  I was disappointed because this should be a very meaningful and powerful beginning but it was not that for me.  For me I felt oh why didn’t the author write this better because this would have made a very good beginning that would make the reader want to complete the remainder of the book had it been written better.    But by the time I reached the final page of the prologue the author had started a bit of a rhythm if you will with his writing and I felt the need to read on.  Good save if you will.
I love the path that this book leads you on.  To try and understand and relate the words of God to our everyday lives instead of just memorizing a set of words to recite.  The author has a hard time getting that point across clearly though and unless you carefully read or even re-read a passage you might take away the notion that the author wants to steer you away from church because rap music is more identifiable. 
I can clearly understand how he compares some of our experiences with Jesus as one would have to a rock star but it is kind of missing the point if you think about it.  Jesus to me is not an idol like a rock star would be but more of a teacher/leader/or greater if you think about it that guy is just hard to label.  All of the adjectives I can think up just seem too small in comparison.  
Technology has changed many things though and the author is on to something.  My step-daughters seem to have no ambition to get their driver’s license when they turned 16 so I understand the mourning of this rite of passage.  Social media has changed so much and the author explores some of that thinking.  I feel this is a great topic, but I wish he would have told this story better.  Like I said it is a great topic but needs some tweaking in the story telling department.    It is still a decent read, with lots of moments where you think about the way you relate or others may relate to Jesus and your faith in God.  I would recommend this book. 

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