Saturday, February 11, 2012

FREE Online Accounting!

Try Outright a FREE online accounting tool for small businesses.
First of all you know what I love about this site…yeah that’s right it’s FREE!   Really!  You can use a FREE account forever!  That means no trial period to sucker you in, nope it is free!  Not even an expiration date!

Of course you could upgrade to a paid account but still  that price is really low, a deal in fact.  You will see all the details on that when you log in for your FREE account. 

Secondly the next reason I love this site is that it is user friendly.  Easy to get started, not complicated!  I hate when I have to go through 700 hundred hoops just to sign up for something easy.  I don’t have time for that.  Who does?  No one has time for that, especially a busy mom.  I really should not have to even type the word busy in front of mom because both of those titles go hand in hand.  

I know that I have often found piles of paper, and notes to me all over the place and this could eliminate that completely.  I still love the first part, the free part.  That part should not be over looked.  This freebie can be used no matter the size of your business also.   Whether you have a fancy antique book store on Main Street or a have a shop on Esty or Ebay this could really help keep a handle on your expenses.  I think even a girl with a blog might find all of this useful too!   

Keeping track of your money is a tremendous part of saving your money.  It goes together like “busy” and “mom”.   Budgets and accounting though may not be your cup of tea but it is for this site and did I mention the free part?  Oh yeah it is free!  

This post was sponsored by Outright.

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