Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cars on Demand

Have you ever heard of Cars on Demand?   Cars on Demand are 3 month car leasing specialists. Up until recently I have not heard of them.  This is a wonderful idea.  It is a car rental for longer periods of time like one month, three months or even 6 months.  

This could fill your short term and long term needs all at once.  When I first moved to Germany we had to wait for our car to be shipped over.  Even if we bought a car when we arrived I would still need time to shop around to get the right deal.  Yeah you know me I rarely impulse buy. 

The times we live in are uncertain.  There would be many reasons to use this service, besides moving overseas.  I like the idea of getting a good vehicle for the amount of time I need it for and no more.  
Using this service would also make sense if you had to have a car in two different locations.  The way gas prices are it might not make sense to drive long distances.  The cost of driving to another location and the wear and tear on your personal vehicle alone would outweigh the rental cost. 

I was even thinking if you wanted to use this service while you were saving to buy a car it might save your hard earned dollars as well.  Then the is the thought of what to do instead of signing up for a 5 year contract with a new car if you don’t know for certain if you job will endure all of the economic downturns that have been happening.  There is so much unknown.  This just might be something that works for the situation you are in at the moment.  

special thanks to Cars on Demand for sponsoring this post. It is a paid post but all opinions as usual are mine.  

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