Sunday, March 4, 2012

Now is the Time forThrift Store Shopping!

Yesterday we popped into our favorite thrift store and found the greatest deals!  The best thrift stores to shop in are the ones that are fed by donations.  Animal shelter stores are usually really great for bargains and you support a great cause while you shop.

 I love shopping at thrift stores and now is the time to do it.  Like JC Penney, Walmart, Kohls and such stores, thrift stores do end of season sales too.  They usually get a big jump in donations after the holidays and the first of the year when everyone starts cleaning out their closets.  That means they have too much inventory and they markdown to make room.  Also they want to get all of their winter stock out to make room for spring and short sleeve weather items!  

The thrift store I went to marked all children clothes and shoes down to a dollar!  I found tons of pants for my son who spends most of his time on his knees playing with cars so all his pants quickly wear a hole through the knees.   Also there were Columbia coats and jackets there in great shape (practically new!)  I got a spare jacket for him next year for ONE DOLLAR! 

Not just the children's section was on sale, the rest of the entire store was HALF OFF EVERYTHING.  So I got four shirts of my own for about one dollar too.  You should check out your local donation fed thrift store and see what bargains you find!  


  1. You are right (as usual)! The thrift store where I shop had all sweaters 1/2 off last week as they were clearing out the winter clothing to make way for the summer stuff. I also have a favorite thrift store I get to once in a while in a neighboring town that is run by a cat rescue agency. Not only do they have some great bargains, but there are always cute little kitty cats wandering around that are available for adoption. I call it the "cat store". One of these days I will probably come home with not only some dishes and sweaters, but with a cat too!!

  2. Thanks for the great comment Bev, (as usual)!! I always love to hear what you have to say. It is a great time to shop and like you and I both know, animal shelter thrift store not only have the great bargains but the cutest animals too! Thanks again for stopping by love to hear from you and we better meet up soon someday! I feel like we are long lost friends already!


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