Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shhh Don't Tell My Hubby...

I am eating cookie dough!  Yes RAW cookie dough!   Ugh!  I know, I know it is bad for me, and dangerous with all the salmonella poisoning risk.  But it is like one of my all time favorite things!  I always sneak some raw cookie dough when I make cookies. 

I have done it for years and years every since my Grandma would make cookies for me.  Now I am making the cookies and eating the raw dough.  I don't eat a lot but I do eat it.  Am I the only one walking on the wild raw cookie dough side?   There has to be more of us risk takers out there or they would not have invented a cookie dough flavor of ice cream right?  

My hubby really hates it, awe he loves me.  He really nags at me every time I eat it.  So maybe that makes it even more tempting?   Don't worry there are plenty of cookies left.  

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