Monday, June 25, 2012

Old Navy Flip Flops $1 Sale on June 30th!

The annual Flip Flop Sale will be back again on June 30th at Old Navy.

This is a perfect time to get some flops for the kids heading off to college.  They need them for dorm showers!

This is a perfect topper for a present instead of a bow for a fun gift.

This is a great deal to stock up on for the whole family for now and next year!  (get a size they can grow into!)

Think stocking stuffers for Christmas....hmmmn

What about a fun beach gift?  

I keep my pool bag pre-packed with these along with my suits and towels. 

These sales typically sell out of the $1 flops fast so get there early, you can call ahead and ask.  These sales also have limits.  In the past it was 5 flops per customers, so bring the hubby, a teenager, or a friend!  

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