Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review, Disney Pixar Brave

Last night my two sons and I went to see the new movie Brave.  I was skeptical if my five year old would even like it because the main character was a girl, but it was perfectly done so that anyone and any age could enjoy it.  

There was a little drag in the middle of the story for me but it did not last long.  Then back to action packed and that is what makes it different than any other Disney film where the main character is a girl.  Boys will like this because this hero is a tough horse riding, arrow shooting girl of never ending adventure!   She even sews while riding horseback! She climes cliffs and is as stubborn and wild as her hair.  There is even a couple of great action fighting scenes that will have boy's cheering in their seats. 

It was a good film, but from the makers of Disney Pixar that is what you would expect.  They always impress me with their work.  My son already enjoys many of their films, and my older children were completely raised on VCR tapes of wonderfully awesome Disney movies.  Well not completely but ya know what I mean!

And I should mention my absolute FAVORITE part of this whole film and that is the hero is a red headed little girl.  I was a red headed little girl and now a red headed momma, and I love that a red head is a hero and one that everyone wants to marry.  That is just awesome.  Because when you are young sometimes you feel that being a red head is a true curse until you get a bit older and find that it is just one of God's great blessings.  

This has not been a paid or sponsored post in any way and all opinions are completely my own.

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