Monday, August 20, 2012

Event Planning

I am planning my wedding and there are so many venders and resources to go to when planning that type of an event, but where do you go when you are looking for event supplies and concession machines for something bigger?   I love to go to festivals and even though I lived near Nahsville Tennessee for several years I never made it to Bonnaroo, but I wish I had.  I usually make to lots of fairs throughout the year, but festivals are something that I seem to wait a few years between to make it to.  I did go to Country Jam here in Colorado last year and that was really, really fun!  

When we lived in Maine we went to the Fryeburg Fair every year and there was a lot going into the planning of that even.  The vendors, the spaces, parking I cannot imagine what all goes into the planning.   The Applefest is just around the corner too and I have to admit I love to attend that even every year.   It is fun to take my kids and the family and have a wonderful time.  Sometimes just taking in the sights,sounds and smells is completely exciting! 

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