Friday, August 10, 2012

One2one Network BlissDom '13 PICK ME!

One2one Network is holding a contest for a complete sponsorship to BilssDom ’13 and I would love, love, LOVE the chance to be the one chosen.  They are requesting a blog post talking about the reasons why I should be chosen.  This is a great idea not only for the chance I could win but also you can get to know me a bit more if you are new to my blog or if I let loose and tell you even more juicy details about this crazy red-headed girl’s life!  I am not a new blogger, but I have never been to a blogging conference yet and that is one of my dreams!  Maybe I should say it is a goal because then I am more likely to make it happen?   

I would be a good candidate to win that is for sure.  One reason is that I am a good blogger and have been self-teaching my way along this four year blogging journey of mine.  I enjoy it so much it is like a little bit of release for me when I finish a good blog post I am proud of.  Kind of like when you get so stressed and tense from all the Mommy-hood pressures and you finally get a moment to yourself to take a bubble bath uninterrupted and you step into the tub and go “AHH!”  Yeah that’s how rewarding and releasing a good post is for me.  I have always been on the creative side and that shows up in my blog I hope.   I know most Moms are creative; we have to be to change diapers, cook dinner, wash clothes, drive to soccer practice and band camp, buy the groceries and talk on the phone all at once!  But my creativity is more about art on top of all of that. 

This is my painting in progress, got a used painting from thrift store and painted over it!!
I went to school for creative writing once in California and I thought to myself while I was there that this is the only time I felt like belonged.  I was in a GIANT art school surrounded by artists of all levels and designs.  There were singers, dancers, actors, photographers, writers and painters and we were all a bit quirky, so much so we understood each other on some level.   I would love to connect again on that same level of understanding with other bloggers out there and really be energized by the surroundings.     I want to soak in the creativity, experience and kinship in the air and offer up that same part of me to others.  

I have a lot to offer.   In my short 42 years I have been able to experience so much of this life and I try to soak up every moment of that like a greedy sponge.  I had a child when I was just 19 a single unwed teen.  Holding that life in my hands instantly gave me such a huge amount of love and responsibility that I knew I was born to care for this being, and that being a Mom will forever be a huge part of my soul.   Since that time I have built two other great humans inside of me and that alone is such a tremendous task, but I have also experienced so much more.  Like being a single mom to a married mom.  I had moments of joy and strength while we were living in Germany as a Military wife mom.  Then when we moved all over the United States I was able to learn and connect with all of the great people in our own fabulous country.  Being able to experience a fire fly for the first time, or a Nor’easter, the difference of BBQ from one side of the country to the next, and sweet tea made by a sweeter person, I have been honored for certain.   

found this lily at the zoo

All that learning gave me a stronger sense of myself and what is most important in my world and that was God, family and my country.  I have been trying each day to make my life reflect that.  I have had set backs or maybe they were just learning experiences in disguise I am not sure.  But really to come away from an abusive marriage to a being a strong divorced working hard at it single mom was a great adventure that we can look back on now with a smile.  I have a great adventure ahead of me still, my honey and I have been living together for several years now and he has been asking me and asking me to marry him, and I finally was able to trust in the fact that he is really the kindest and most honorable and loving person I have ever met, so I said yes!    The adventure is our new lives we are building together with the wedding, him graduating his Medical School next year, us planning on moving back East, and the Wedding (I said that one twice because I am so excited about it) all at the same time.  I know my experiences are bound to double in just this coming year alone!  We have been living apart while he goes to school these last two years so it is like I am a single working mom all over again! 

I also have a love for life and kindness that I really would love to share with my readers and women everywhere.   Sometimes when we are young we overlook the important stuff and only knowing what I know now can I teach someone else how important it is to a girl to find a person in their life who has some real basic qualities that will never change through time. Qualities like honor, kindness, love, faith and a good self-worth.  I know they are sometimes unrecognizable and I can see in my hindsight more than I could at the moment of choice, but it is my duty to warn the younger generation so to speak that prince charming does not have to rescue you if you don’t live in the drama of a fairytale! 
Don’t let me go on and on about that subject and get too preachy because that is not all that I am.  Being a Mom makes everyone so diverse but it is easy for us to get hooked up on one subject alone and with my artist background it helps me break free of that and start telling you about the many aspects of me like, how I love a good deal and can find them so easily that I had to start sharing the ways to save as a blog.  It makes good sense to save as much as you can when you are buying items for your family so you can provide and support your family in a better way.  

When you start thinking about the food that goes into your families mouth’s you start wondering how you can save time and money to provide only the best for them as well.  That’s basically me a mom that cares so incredibly much for my family that I want to provide only the best for them.  I also see other moms out there that maybe need a bit of help finding the best deal on soap to save money, or don’t know that the easiest was to stop a diaper rash is with pure corn starch and an oatmeal bath not an expensive cream,  or simply finding a moment to spend with your child and bake cookies builds a life time of memories, or you can lift up the front end of the shopping cart where you push it and it opens up like a trunk lid.  Then kids can climb in rather than you trying pick them up and lift in a “I’m too tired to walk 4 year old’”.  I just want to share all of those quirky and sometimes necessary moments and tips with other busy mom’s like me.  

So pick me!  I am easy going, friendly and I can take a pretty picture with the right make up and lighting!  I will look forward to hearing from you!

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