Friday, September 7, 2012

Book Review, "The River" by Nichael Neale

Review; book “The River” by Michael Neale

First impression of the book was the cover, which I LOVE!  The cover of this book looks like a worn leather bound diary, and that makes it even more special once you get to know the book after each page. 
I have a test you might say for picking out a book.  It is really a commitment test if you think about it.  If I am borrowing a book from a library or purchasing it from a store the first few pages are critical.  If Iam not hooked or at the very least intrigued by the time I read at least two pages forget it.  I won’t take that book home and commit hours or days of my life to it.  Time is critical in Mommy world and I don’t like to waste what I have. 
From the moment I finished paragraph two I was committed to this book.  It made me not want to know but need to know more.   Was it the line about the story that changes lives?   Or was it the rugged outdoorsman and the adventure he was dying to tell?  Maybe it was because I have a five year old boy that captures my heart?  Maybe it was all of those things that hooked me right away to this book.  Called to me as the river did to see where it led. 
The writing was fabulous.  Just like a good story teller you have to feel the story as you read it from the page and the author does a fantastic job of keeping me on the edge of my seat as I read each page.  I feel the air, the mist and the passion of each life in the book.  It is an art to be able write so well the reader is able to feel the emotion in the character and live in the moments that are written on the page.
There are very few books that I remember forever.   Few books have such a lasting imprint upon me.  I have just a small number of those books sitting on a shelf in my mind.  The River” will now reside on that coveted dusty old shelf.  As the river spoke to Gabriel and his family before him the book speaks to me.  It is an incredible journey about what really matters, forgiveness and being genuinely honest with one’s self.  The moment I closed the cover and dried my eyes I thought of sharing this book with someone that I loved. 
I will share it but also keep a copy for me to treasure and pull off that shelf someday to read again and again, like I was calling up an old friend. 

the publisher has provided a complimentary copy of this book or advanced reading copy through BookSneeze® for a review.  I was not required to give a positive review and all opinions are my own. 

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