Saturday, October 27, 2012

Knot Genie!

I was asked to give the Knot Genie a try and I want to tell you about the product.  

The claim that it Magically gets rid of knots in your kids hair. So it will end the melt down madness when you have to untangle a rats nest of hair on one sensitive child's head.    

My daughter always had long beautiful hair and it was so thick I my greatest fear was she would catch lice from someone at school and I would never be able to comb it all out.  So I kept her hair in braids and it really helped keeping knots out of her hair too.  

Every night I washed her hair and combed it out.  I would have to re-comb or brush her hair every morning before school to put it up in a braid. I wish I had this Knot Genie then.  

I have the most unruly hair ever myself.  I have long fine hair.  I have lots and lots of it so you would think it was thick but it is fine.  This means you can comb or brush it out and turn your head for one split second and it will be a tangled mess again!   So I am a perfect tester for the Knot Genie.   

Here is what I found:

It will get rid of knots or tangles from hair better than most brushes will.  It seems to allow the bristles to be brushed through with less breakage.  I tried one side of my knotted hair with the Knot Genie and one side with my regular brush.  I felt less pain from the Knot Genie.  

If you have a sensitive head of hair then it will sooth some of the pain from brushing because it does brush out the knots much easier.   It is not a cure, but it makes it less painful to be sure.  

You can use this sweet $4 off one coupon to get this sweet brush and save your hair from some breakage too.  Let me show you how it works...

The little bristles act like little "fingers" and they gently untangle all your knots.  I think you might like the Knot Genie if you have any one in your house that has some tangled hair.  I love it for my hair because it really saves on breakage, but it would work wonders for morning meltdowns getting a little one off to school.  

I was provided a free Knot Genie to review.  I was not required to give a positive review.   

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