Sunday, November 25, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee!

I am a Bzz Agent and one of the great things about being a BzzAgent is being able to try out new products. 

This time I was given some yummy Green Mountain Coffee to try.

We LOVE coffee in this house!   When we were stationed in Germany we would be walking down a cobblestone street and both myself and my honey would stop dead in our tracks from the smell of a strong coffee wafting from a restaurant.  We would share a secret glance at each other and both have to go inside for the hot brew that made such a powerful aroma.  

So I like a good strong coffee.  But sometimes strong coffee can be bitter.  Not this wonderful Green Mountain Coffee.  It was bold and strong and full of flavor.

I also like that they are Fair Trade Certifiedand when I popped my sample into the coffee maker and smelled the brew it stopped me in my tracks just like before.   You will just love the flavor.  You can choose from many and they even have those little tiny cups for the fancy coffee machines too.  Breathing the aroma of a new flavor is such a treat.  Really!  Either it be a deep woodsy smell, or something with an earthy aroma it is absolutely wonderful every time. 

Check out the Green Mountain Coffee® Facebook page! There you will discover new flavors to try, info like "At Green Mountain Coffee®, we are dedicated to providing the richest aroma and flavor, for the highest quality coffee experience. We travel the globe to purchase the finest coffees, batch roast them to peak flavor, and vacuum package them fresh" for your enjoyment."  and much more!

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