Friday, December 28, 2012

I am Back!

OK people I know you missed me!  Yeah you probably did not have time to miss a thing because Christmas keeps you so INCREDIBLY BUSY!  I know!  I  told you in a post before I disappeared  that I was not feeling well and that was true, but I have never felt so terrible for so long before. 
Let me tell you getting through this Christmas was just about all I could do.  I still had to work 40 hours a week except for a couple weeks I barely made 28 hours I was sick so much.  I still had to do all the wrapping, shopping cooking and mommy-ing but I was dragging butt let me tell you! 

I was tested for so many scary things like Lupus and RA.  (All negative by the way.)  I found out my B levels were just barely registering and my D Levels were not even there.  I have been on a superman size pill for those and I have to go back and get retested in February.  But so far (knock on some serious wood,) I am feeling a bit like normal. 

So that being said I hope you had a wonderful holiday all and all we did.  My five year old said the word "AWESOME" about a million times and once exclaimed, " I LOVE THIS SANTA GUY!"   lol  He above everyone else had a wonderful magical Christmas and I am so happy for that. 

Now that Christmas is over....he already had a birthday and so I have to get used to calling him my six year old, which seems unreal.  Man they just grow up so darn fast!   What joy they bring.  I thank God each day for the wonderful blessings my children are in my life.

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