Monday, May 27, 2013

More Summer Movie Deals! Free to Cheap Movies for the family!

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Chicago Area:
Classic Cinemas WED Morning $1 Summer Movies starting June 12.

New York and New Jersey Areas:
Clearview Cinemas FREE Summer Movies starts on July 10 and 11 until August 22.  These are all on WED and THUR at 10:30 am

IA, IL, MN Areas:
Marcus Theaters $2 Movies starting 10 am WED & THURS. 

Dickinson Theaters $8 Season Pass for June to Aug.  Or purchase $2 each.  Have to click on your theater location then the S.V.M.S. Banner for details about movies, dates and times.   Drink, Candy and Popcorn Combs for $4.50

Marquee Cinemas 
FREE admission on Tue and Wed like at 9:30 am and even TWO shows to choose from!  Check the theater location for details and times.

Muvico Theaters FREE SUMMER FILM FEST JUNE 11-AUGUST 15 at 10 AM  Drink, popcorn, candy Kids Trays $3.75 and every $.50 goes to Will Rogers Institute.  

Cinema World FREE Movie Summer Kid Fest June-Aug
Free films, seven days a week, all summer long! Every day at 10am.  New movies on Fridays  Children are FREE. Adults are just $2 or in some locations FREE with the donation pet or people food item.  They have FREE popcorn on Wed which cannot combined. 

Search a local Drive in for your family because that is an experience that everyone should have in my opinion and you can bring your own picnic to save some green.  

Tons and Tons of cities across the US offer FREE movies in the Park which can be a fun adventure for kids and adults check with your local Chamber, or library for these and other fun FREE options.  You really should check and see what is FREE in your area lots of programs go unnoticed and you are missing out on fun and great free opportunities for you and your family!   

Looks like AMC will not be participating in a good Summer Movie Value like they did in the past with their Summer Movie Camp.  :(

****Remember that Summer FREE or Cheap Movies means you can expect chaos, packed movie house and you should always get there EARLY!  Also if there is not a advertised snack deal expect to pay the regular price!

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