Sunday, May 26, 2013

Organic Lawn Care

Now that the Summer is upon us, lawn care is on everyone's minds.  At least once a week at least.  I see ads constantly about taking care of weeds with some cool spray.  But I wonder what happens to those chemicals as they soak into the cracks and the soil of our lawn.  Organic is another word that is on everyone's mind and found a company that puts both of those words together....

Organic Lawn Service!  This is something that this company has been concentrating on over the years now.  Not like other companies that are just jumping on the organic bandwagon because of the $$$.  They have products like the TruNatural line, composed of 100% natural organic ingredients, TruGreen continues to forge a new path forward for responsible lawn care service. Additionally, the company is embracing new automotive technologies to increase the efficiency of its large fleet of vehicles nationwide.

Check them out!  It is important to know what we put in our own yards and how we treat the our own lawns.  That is where your kids play!

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