Sunday, June 30, 2013

RevitaShape Review and GIVEAWAY

I was able to try out a great product that I thought most Mom's would want to use.  I know that being a mom takes stuff out of you.  Time, energy, sadly our figures and sometimes even our sanity!  There are moments when my kids drive me crazy!   But all moms have those days.  I don't like the look of cellulite-who does?   I hate it when there is a squishy cottage cheesey look on my leg when I sit down.   So I was happy to try RevitaShape from  It is an Anti-cellulite skin toning formula, and you can purchase it at

RevitaShape is not a magic potion it will not instantly give you superstar legs, but it does reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite.    What does that mean?   To a busy mom that means you put it on at night and in the morning and you will notice a firmer tone on your skin, that does reduce the look of cellulite.  It somehow makes the skin smooth and tighter is what I found.  That makes your legs and or other parts look better!  So bottom line it is not a cellulite remover, but you do look better.  That's all that counts right?

I did have one picky negative to my review.  I say picky because it is possible that it is just me, since everyone has different tastes.  I didn't not care for the smell.  It was not a bad smell just to flower/powder smell for my tastes.   I can say that my husband never complained and he is the first to cough, hack and gag if I get too much perfume or scented girly stuff in the air of our room.  It is really comical actually.  He likes simple smells and prefers citrus.  So that part of my review is just a personal note.  It can differ I am sure from person to person.  I was most concerned with the results....

That's my legs sitting in my chair at work.  Ignore the ugly metal desk please my office is not fancy!  Concentrate on my legs and oh yeah try not to notice my slip is showing lol.  I am a redhead so you are not going to see a tan either, that is all me.  No hose just a few freckles here and there.  I like that my legs are a bit toner looking.  What do you think? Not bad looking legs for 42! 

Don't tell my boss I had my feet up on my desk goofing off!   Here is a front view.  If only there were some cream for my knees.  They have never been a favorite part of my body, too knobby for me.  :)

There is a science to RevitaShape.  The key ingredients include:
Glaucine, Bupleurum Falcatum, L-Carnitine, Coenzyme-A, Centella Asiatica Extract, Caffeine, and Bladderwrack Extract.  Oh that explains it right?  :) Well the key ingredients in a nut shell are all mostly anti-inflammatory, smoothing, rejuvenating, and firming extracts, alkaloids and such some of which are supposed to be found in nature. All of them are designed to promote firmness and elasticity for a slimmer sleeker appearance. was kind enough to offer a free product for me to try so I can give you an honest Saving Your Green Mom Review, and they are so generous that they also offered to let me give one away to one lucky Saving Your Green Reader!   So lucky too because you can see some results in less than two weeks so you have all summer long to look fabulous with RevitaShape!

So Would you like a full size tube of RevitaShape to get your smooth on?  Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter.  Yay!

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  1. My thighs are my least favorite body part.

  2. learned that cellulite in part is caused by a lack of oxygen

  3. My abdomen is my least favorite body part.

  4. I think its awesome that this product helps flush away fats and toxins!

  5. My legs! They always have been, I never wear shorts in the summer!


  7. cellulite is caused by lack of Oxgyen.
    Brittney House

  8. I learned: RevitaShape evens and firms skin by:

    Activating lipolysis to metabolize stored fat


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