Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Paper White Flowers ~ Beautiful Christmas Gifts!

If you want to give this very nice Christmas gift, you must plan ahead now. This is super easy and super cheap! 

All you need is some paperwhite bulbs (Narcissus tazetta), some kind of container, and some rocks or glass beads. Paperwhites unlike other bulb flowers you might be familiar with don't require a chilling period so this is easy.

*You can find the paperwhites bulbs (Narcissus tazetta)in your local garden center, or Wally World.

*You can find the rocks in your local craft store or at the Dollar Tree!  (or your yard)

*You can find the containers to put them in everywhere! Be creative! Try a pail, old terracotta pot, try in your house or at Grandma's. Old jars are free and work fine. Thrift stores and yard sales have perfect containers because you can score them for dirt cheap! (oh you don't need dirt for this project! LOL)

These take about 6 weeks so start today.

Simple Instructions:

Add rocks to your container, put the bulb on top, pointy side up. Then add water to just touch the bulb, keep water level as it grows. Now you just have to water it and keep it in moderate light. Once Christmas comes slap a bow on it and call it a day!

If you use a low top container use the stunt growth method below so they don't fall over.

If you need more instructions you can go over to The Greenbacks Gal's site where she has put together a handy video tutorial. CLICK HERE Thanks Greenbacks Gal!

I am planting these for teachers, neighbors and some of my red aunts. (We all have red hair! LOL)

Christmas list is getting checked off everyday, the cheap ahem...frugal way!

OH here is a easy tip too...Paperwhites can grow quite tall and depending on the container they may become top heavy and will require some support, or once you see roots and the top shoot is about 2 inches tall drain your water and replace it with 4-6% Alcohol and the rest water any alcohol will do (whiskey, vodka, tequila, or even rubbing alcohol) just make sure you don't use too much.

I guess the little bit of alcohol will stunt their growth from 1/3 to a 1/2. They will still bloom and be pretty but not so tall they will fall over. I have not tried this but I am going to with half of my bulbs just to see.

(Up date...These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  But they have a stinky bad breath odor.  They are SUPER easy to grow, anyone can do it!.)

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