Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FREE Printable - Editable Organizing / Cleaning Chart

This is my cleaning chart to keep me organized.  Before we homeschooled I was able to complete my daily chores before 11 am, (or that was the goal I should say.)  Now that we homeschool I get it done after we finish school sometime.  haha  But if I stick to it my house is pretty clean most of the time.  I like it because it breaks up the chores so I feel like am actually doing less.   It frees up my time because I keep on top of things and I don't have to dedicate an entire day to cleaning up giant messes.
Now that school is back on and fall is here we all need to get back on a schedule. Hope this helps you too!  :)

I hope that you enjoy this little freebie from me!  

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