Saturday, February 6, 2016

Save $50-$100 a month on Groceries No Coupons!

I have been using Swagbucks for a few years but not regular.  I wish I had started using them every morning years ago and I would have been saving all this time!  

Every morning I sign on to Swagbucks on my phone app and watch couple videos while my coffee is brewing or I am washing up and I earn 2 bucks.

Then I do the daily crave, and a daily poll and get a couple more swag bucks, then I do one or two surveys at some point during the day and I typically earn about 100-300 bucks each day with those.  The surveys are typically 10-20 mins long and I do them on my down time.  I know as a mom when do I have down time?  Well when I typically would be wasting time on Facebook or when I am waiting for dinner to bake, or when I am waiting for my son to finish his school worksheet.

My step-daughter is away in college and we have been sending her care packages of food and things...when I do that I shop though Swagbucks   and I earn 7 bucks per dollar.  Or I typically spend $50 or more a month on things I need or think I need at Walmart and now I shop through Swagbucks  and have my sugar, baggies, or whatever delivered to my house.  I like this I save even more money by only ordering what is on my list.  If I actually walk into Walmart I will come out with a few extra impulse buys and I blow my budget.  This way I earn and spend at the same time.  

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Amazon has Prime pantry and I get a whole box of stuff shipped to me for $5.99 or I use the Prime membership I have and get free two day shipping on Prime items.

Walmart gives free shipping on orders over $50 or free in-store pick

Sign up for Swagbucks today, get Swagbucks while you search or shop online!

I just earned 2200 Swagbucks and cashed them  in for a $25 Amazon card.  I will use that card and shop online through Swagbucks and earn more Swagbucks for my next card!

You can even listen to the radio all day and get $5 bucks every 35 min!   They have tons of other stores too if you like Target or are smart enough to buy a gift card to eat out on and then earn while you are eating!   Endless possibilities!

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