Wednesday, November 30, 2016

DIY Children's Christmas Gifts!

I wanted to re-share with you a few of my DIY gifts that I really love.  So today here is one from last year:   Bath Tub Paint!   You can use you imagination to make this a perfect personalized gift for someone you love!

I just made a Christmas Gift! This one is for my three year old, and his cousins that are the same age!

I made Thomas Engine Paint!

I used his kid's tear free shampoo that I get at Wally World. I used this because it is tear free and I know it won't irritate his sensitive skin.

I used corn starch, hot water, blue food coloring, a container that will shut tight and you can keep in the bathroom, and paint brushes if you want.

The recipe is easy:

Bath Tub Paint
1/2 cup boiling water
1/2 cup corn starch
1 cup liquid soap (I used the shampoo/conditioner that my son uses)
food coloring

I also used a Christmas Pail that comes with a lid that seals tight. I got those at Wally World two for $2 and some paint brushes that I bought at the Dollar Tree nine in this pack for $1!

In a sauce pan mix boiling water and corn starch with a wire whisk until all the cornstarch is dissolved and it looks like paste. Add soap and mix until there are no chunks. There will be more and more bubbles as the soap mixes in.

Heat just to boiling on medium heat stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Add the food coloring and keep mixing until it is completely mixed through.
It should have a consistency of paint. Add to your container. If it separates just mix it a bit before use.  I should warn you at this point to check to make sure your paint does not irritate their skin and test on a small patch for 24 hours before use. Oh another disclaimer would be to check to see if your paint will stain your tub on a small patch too. You are a smart one so you figure it out.

Now here is where I added a few touches to make this even more special.

All of these boys love Thomas the Train so I made the color the same as Thomas' engine, blue.

I put the container in a cute little pail and put "Their Name's Engine Paint" on the side with Modge Podge so It will be water proof. I poked in on little paint brush too. This is fun because it was cheap and they will love it.

These little boys love Thomas the Train but you could make this pick and slap a Dora on the pail too or Princess Paint! Anything would work use your imagination.

On the back side of the pail I stuck on a picture of Thomas and the recipe for the paint, so Mom's can make more and have endless fun.  (To really seal the deal once all this dries you can spray paint with a clear gloss that is waterproof.  )

I have to take advantage of this age because these boys still love to take a bath! Sadly that stage will end and they will become stinky boys. So I am enjoying this stage while it lasts.

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