Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pee Problem

So this is day three for my two year old son, Davey being with out any diapers. He did have a Pee Problem today, and it is probably not what you are thinking. In fact I am sure it is not.

He likes to potty on the "big" toilet, and we bought a little adapter seat to fit his cute little butt that sits on top of our toilet seat. (This keeps him from falling in, or going for a dip.) Today after his nap he said he had to go potty so we headed off into the bathroom. He was sitting on his seat and he decided to lean forward so he could see his pee and he must have misjudged himself because he leaned too far over and lost his balance and fell right off the toilet head first onto the floor.

He caught himself with his arms before he cracked his cute little noggin. One foot was still up on the toilet seat and his bare butt was pointed straight up in the air, all the while he was crying "MOMMY HELP!" I reached down to help him but I was laughing so hard I thought I just might need a potty break of my own. It was so funny my eyes were watering from laughter. Davey took one look at me laughing at him and he stopped crying and started laughing himself. Then he said as he hugged me "Funny, fell off Mommy." Oh my I am still giggling as I type this! What a cute little goofball!

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