Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009 Check it out click on the button on the right side bar.

There are prizes: I would like to win prize #20, 32, 12, or 3 or any gift certificate, but I don't win very often. I have not hit the Lotto yet either. I couldn't hit my butt with both hands and it is a pretty big target!

I love a good party! It seems it has been forever since I had one though my two year old son Davey is a very willful and demanding child and I don't really feel comfortable living him with sitters. I do however have two wonderful "built-in-baby-sitters" as some people have called them; my daughter, Kattie who is 19 and my son, RJ who is 16. The problem with the idea that your teenagers would ever be around to babysit is that they are old enough to have a life of their own and are NOT around to baby sit. Not quite built in now is it.
That is fine by me though a two year old needs his Mommy and Daddy and Davey is thriving! I will have to say he is really makes me wonder sometimes where he comes up with some of the stuff that he does or says. He has a serious imagination!
Just the other day in the tub he was playing with his boats and he said Aye Aye Captain!
My other son RJ is very talented. He can play the guitar and has been playing for Davey since Davey was born. RJ loves Rock'n Roll. What teenage boy doesn't? This has made Davey a HUGE music fan. RJ bought Davey a ukulele, (and I had to google that word to make sure I spelled it right!) This is a perfect size guitar for a two year old boy. Dad did have to gorilla glue the neck back on after Davey gave a smashing performance.
But Davey strums that ukulele like he was meant to do it. Moving his leg and rocking back and forth along with the beat. Just turn on the radio or a music video and Davey runs for his guitar yelling "GUITAR, ROCK'N ROLL" the whole way.
Kattie my daughter was always doing crazy things too. When she was about four she made her first snow man all by her self. (OK it was a bit lumpy and looked like a huge snow square with a blob of snow on top of it) But it had sticks for arms and some not so well placed rocks for eyes. "I said to her Oh Kattie what a nice snow man!" She told me with her hand on her hip that it was not a snow MAN it was a "SNOW WOMAN!"
Now she is in her first year of college, man where has the time gone? I just don't party like I used to. I hate having to listen to a two year old scream for chocolate milk first thing in the morning with a hang over! So I am a light weight, so what! I used to dance and party all night long, but I am just to tired now to do it! hehe Maybe someday...


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog....I love your homemade cloth grocery bags...that's so creative!

  2. Hello Terre. It's nice to meet you. I see you are fairly new to the blogging world, so: WELCOME! You have a nice sense of humor. It was fun reading. I'll bet your blog will become very popular with this terrible economy. We too try to "save our green" because none of us know how long this will last.
    I'm sure you like giveaways, so stop by my blog soon. I have a giveaway coming up. I also have lots of chocolate, desserts and recipes. It's all yummy!

  3. P.S.: The picture finally loaded after I commented! Your petal flower bag is beautiful. Nice work. :-)


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