Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheap things to do in your neighborhood

I just ran a few errands this morning. We took my two year old to a check up at the doctor's office. All healthy and great by the way! Then we went over to the DMV for my 16 year old to get his driver's license. Got an ID instead because we did not know we had to mail his driving log into the DMV before hand. (This is new to me, must be a state of Maine thing.)

Then we went to the Post Office to mail a package. It was there at the Post Office were I found some fun things in my neighborhood. I checked the bulletin board as I always do and I found neat stuff that is happening in town!

For instance the Thrift Shop in Lovell, ME has a $1 a bag sale for the entire month of June! That is a great deal when you go to a thrift store and can fill a whole entire bag and pay just ONE DOLLAR!

The Lovell Thrift Shop is located on Route 5 in Center Lovell, ME and their hours are Mon, Wed, and Sat from 10 am to 12 pm.

Check your local Thrift stores to see if they are having any specials or deals. The Nine Lives Thrift Store next to Harvest Hills Animal Shelter has a new special or deal everyday. Like last time I was there all books were 2/$1 and they have a huge selection of books.

In the past I have always sent my kids to Vacation Bible School for the summer they have such a great time. If you are new the area this is a great way to make friends. Check your local churches to see when and were their VBS is being offered. If you don't belong to a church your kids are more and likely still welcome.

There are MANY churches in this area so I will only list the one I saw today on the bulletin board. I have not been to this church but this will give you an idea of how long and the times that VBS generally offered. The ad I saw today was for Lovell Church of Christ Vacation Bible School. It is being held June 22 to 26 from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. If you are interested call Vicki at 925-1444 or Steph at 925-6844.

Also on the bulletin board at the Library was a cool program called FREE FAMILY FUN! Naturally that got my attention. This one I am going to call about because they offer FREE activities for Parents and Children to do together. It is for families with children ages 0-8 who want fun things to do and for parents who want to improve their education and help their children succeed.

Apparently each we there is a different fun activity and THEY PROVIDE THE SUPPLIES FREE! They listed a few ideas like; homemade play-dough, make your own pizza (sounds like free lunch!), decorating cookies (dessert too!), create family recipe box, design a family picture book, explore oobleck and flubber and so on.

This event is held in two places in Fryburg at the Legion Hall and in Bridgton at the Memorial School. They listed a phone number 1-800-757-4163 to sign up. This programs is through the Family Literacy Program, and the Regional Adult and Community Education Program. You should contact a program like those or the Chamber of Commerce in your area to see if there are any programs like those in your community.

I cannot tell you enough what a great resource your local community is for FREE or nearly Free things for you and your family. I have found so many great things for our family to do over the years that was offered right here in our community and all you have to do is look for them. That is the thing about free stuff it never finds you, and you always have to find it!

Last summer my step-daughter took a 3 day class on body image for pre-teens and she had a blast. They did crafts and skits and she met other girls her age. At the end of the class she received a $50 gift card to go shopping at Target, and I got a $50 gift card for gas to take her there! That was such a sweet find! It was all offered through the local Chamber of Commerce.

This winter I signed up my two oldest children for a Ski/Snowboarding day through the local Chamber of Commerce and they got lift tickts, snowboarding lessons and rentals all for $40 each. That was another sweet deal I had to hunt for, well not really hunt I just check the community calender every month. Which I suggest you do. Some Chamber's offer a newsletter and that is great to sign up for cause then they mail you the reminders.

My last stop was the library and there I picked up two DVDS to watch tonight and two books to read. FREE MOVIES, my friend. I love to read but I can only do that when my two year old is sleeping so I picked up two books for the hubby instead.
The library also has a community bulletin board for you to check for events happening in your neighborhood. I also take my two year old to story time every week at the library and he has a great time. AND IT IS FREE! Some days it is a good time for me also depending on his

Since it is summer time you might want to plan a picnic playground scouting trip or two this summer. I like to do this in the summer just to get out and do something new and fun. All you do is pack a picnic lunch and go across town or to another nearby town and go to their playground for fun. Kids love to go to a new playground and try out the new equipment. That is cheap fun.

Take advantage of the parks and lakes or anything in your local area. I have found some great beaches to take my kids that provides summer long fun and they are all free. You have to look for this stuff. Talk to your neighbors or people in your town. Strike up a conversation with someone you see in line at the store when you see them in beach wear and buying sodas and ice. You will meet people and learn new things about your area.

I have moved a lot in my life and I can tell you the only way to have a great time no matter where you are is to make it happen. Good times are what you make of them so create your own fun!

Do you have any fun things that you do? I would love to hear about them.

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