Saturday, May 9, 2009

Home from college!

So we went to my daughter's dorm room this morning to pick up her mattress and bring it home. (She could not bring it home in her car.) It seemed just like yesterday that I was dropping her off in her dorm loading tons and tons of stuff up THREE flights of stairs into her dorm room. I waited until we were heading out of the parking lot to cry. Where did a whole school year go? I cannot believe she has finished a whole year of college already.
I cannot believe that I am THAT old to have a daughter that has completed a year of college already! I don't feel old.
I do feel very blessed though, and I also feel really good about being able to supply her with laundry soap, (yes she did do SOME of her laundry at the dorm!) shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, clorox wipes, deodorant, hairspray, umm you name it all on my freebies or next to free stuff. That saved me a ton of money! I don't have a big stockpile of shampoo any more but I still have plenty of the other stuff in the cupboard.
I don't know why I didn't start going to Walgreens and Rite Aid much sooner! If you haven't been to Walgreens and Rite Aid to "Work" their deals then you are missing out. It is so easy to save your money this way. Why pay $4.99 for Shampoo several times a month for your family when you can get it for free or close to free? If I could find as many deals on toilet paper as I do tooth paste I would be one happy camper! Or I should say one happy shopper, I don't really camp much. My idea of camping has to include a hot shower, and electricity!
We also used two rolls of quarters from out change jar for gas, and lunch for the trip today. We ate off of the dollar menu at Burger King and was less than $9.00. We brought our own drinks from home to drink in the car, and I also had a baggie full of pretzel sticks for a snack.
The Farmer's Market in Windham and Bridgton were going this morning and we did stop off at the one in Windham for a bit. It was not much since it is early in the season, but they did have live music for the kids and later in the season they will have wagon rides. That should be fun.
I also picked up my Free Mother's Day 8x10 at Walgreens, and I will be sending that one to my Grandmother. It is a picture of the college girl. I have three other Freebie 8x10's that I had done previously for my Mom and Grandmother. They will go out in the mail on Monday. Late for Mother's Day I know but they already got their freebie card in the mail I am sure.
Also if you are in Windham, Maine this week you might want to stop over to the bread thrift store that is just up the road from Walgreens. I stopped in there today. The bread prices seem to have gone up a bit since the last time I stopped in there, but I did pick up a few packages of HUGE bagels for like $1.59 a pack. They also have 10 inch flour tortillas BOGO at $1.19.
It is weird to have my girl home again, but I am glad she is here. She has her little brother up in her room right now and I have a moment of silence...That is always nice! (AND RARE!) Oh darn, moment is over, HE'S BACK! hehe

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