Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Freebies!

Sorry I have not been able to post very often. I am in Colorado visiting my family. My Grandfather was very ill and not likely to get better but he is so strong that every day he has surprised us and gotten better. I am very thankful. So on to the freebies, and I will try to keep up with them as they come but my posts might be a bit few and far between because of where I am at and if I have to go to the hospital for visiting.

CLICK HERE for a coupon for FREE 4 pack of Uncrustables by Submiting an after school organizational tip.

CLICK HERE to treat your pup to some high quality puppy food at a steal. Register with Eukanuba to receive a voucher for a FREE bag of Eukanuba puppy food!

Just scroll down to where it says “Get FREE Puppy Food”!

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