Monday, November 30, 2009

Free picture with Santa, If you can get your kid out of the cart!

I took my almost 3 year old to Walmart this Sunday to get a FREE picture with Santa! He was so excited about it and jabbered all the way there about all the toys Santa was going to bring him. We endured his list of dumptrucks, four wheelers, race cars, and all over and over all the way there.

Then when we arrived and found that they were taking the Santa pictures in the back where layaway used to be in the site to store location. We rolled our son in the cart all the way to the back of the store and found a bare Christmas Tree and a cardboard back drop, but NO Santa! Where is Santa I asked? It was still within the time of 10 am to 2pm and I was here on the right day. I even called ahead to be sure that this Walmart would have Santa pictures before we left the house.

Where was Santa I asked a confused looking Walmart employee? They were relieved at that very second of panic as one of the managers passed through the double doors behind them and asked if I was here for Santa. As the first Walmart employee scurried off to safety my three year old asked so loud and bold and so darn cute where is Santa Clause? The manager looked dumbfounded and backed up to the wall by a three year old, and told my son that he didn't know but he would find out.

About 10 minutes of standing around later the manager told me out of my son's ear shot that the Santa called out sick and they would try to get someone else to do the job. But he was not too hopeful. So we waited. Then we waited some more. Then we proceeded to wait still. Finally I found the manager and asked if they had found a Santa. He said yes and pointed to him self, and walked quickly through the double doors marked employees only.

So we waited again, unsure of how long it might take for the manager to change into a Santa suit. We wait and wait and wait. I am sure it seemed like a life time to me and our three year old not knowing how long it maybe but in reality I am sure it was only about five minutes more.

Then what should our eyes see appear through the double doors with out his reindeer? It was Santa we said to our son! Look who is here! And then we heard the dreaded noise that all good parents fear, the screams the cries that burned through our ears! Whoops I am still rhyming!

My son stared screaming and locked his legs down tight so if we tried to lift him out of the shopping cart we would have to lift the whole entire cart, because he was attached! He grabbed hold of his Daddy and buried his head inside Dad's stomach. He screamed I want to go home. We tried and tried to calm him and make him at ease with Santa, but nothing was going to make him budge. He was not going to see Santa! We told him that he had to tell Santa his list or Santa would not know what toys to bring. My son said he had toys at home in his room!

I felt really bad that my son probably guilted this guy into being Santa and now he was just wasting his time. But I could not force him to sit on his lap or even stand next to Santa, mostly because I could not pry him out of the cart! LOL
So we left and thanked Santa for his time. But we know it happens to the best of kids and we will have a chance to try again.

If you want to take your child to see Santa Walmart will be doing free pictures again on 12/5 & 12/6, from 10am - 2pm. As always it is best to check with your local store for participation. Click HERE to learn more!

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