Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Day of Deals @ Wags!

So I just wanted to shared with you the great day I had today! I went to church with my family and we brought our niece and her son who is 3 years old just like mine. It was a beautiful day. Right after church, since we live out in the boonies we decided to do a Walgreens and Walmart run.

I had this planned out before hand last night so I had my coupons for Walgreens ready! I will say I am glad I went right after church because at 12:30 pm the shelves were already getting low of the items that were advertized as FREE!

So I scored! I paid $11.47 OOP (out of pocket)

This is what I got:

2 dentek floss $2.oo each

2 Colgate Clinical toothpaste $3.99 each

2 Dove Conditioners $4.00 each

1 Dove Shampoo $4.00 each

2 Sunday Papers $3.75 total

3 Dulcolax $10.00 each

5 Russell Stover Easter Egg Candies $.59 each

½ Gallon of Chocolate Milk (for the two 3 year old's cups)

2- 12 rolls of Cottonelle toilet tissue $4.00 each

1 pack planters almonds sea salt w/olive oil (which were yummy!)

Total Savings$114.37!

***Note I always use up my RR's before I leave the store because I live 40 minutes away from the nearest Walgreens. This is good way for me to get other essentials like toilet paper with my register rewards. The register rewards typically only last one week before they expire any how.

Also it is rumored that the Dove RR's are rolling...that means you can use Dove RR's to buy more Dove to get more RR's....and so on. (I did not confirm that today.)

I found $3 coupons on the Dulcolax, and $1.50 coupons on the Dove Conditioner so I did not have to use mine. I might be able to go back!****

SO SWEET! This was a great day! But sadly there were others there that did not have the same experience as I. There was another lady at the lane behind me with her husband and earlier her and I were reaching for the same deals on a few shelves. I even helped her find the right floss for the sale. I don’t know what they were exactly trying to do but I heard them complaining really loudly how they should be able to use the coupon and the clerk advised they could not. I am not sure what they were trying to get but I was too afraid to stick my nose into it because they got really mad, REALLY LOUD and I and everyone else breathed easier when it was over.

I know how they feel when you have a deal and It is legal and right but the clerk does not get it and won’t let you do it. So you have a couple choices in that situation. Get mad and get loud and demand your freebie, or realize it is a freebie a coupon, a deal and if you are getting it for next to nothing then it should not be that big of deal if you don’t get it. I am not saying you cannot explain nicely the policy and have the Walgreens Official policy in hand but there is no need to get angry about it.

I do get excited when I have a great day like today but I won’t let it ruin my day either if I don’t get all the deals I came in for, because Walgreens have been good to me and I appreciate their sales. I am happy to shop there even when I am not getting a freebie. So some kindness goes a long way people, ya know more flies with honey? It works what ever you want to call it Karma, give and you shall receive…no deposit no return….

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