Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Save on Pedicures with MR. PUMICE™!

Some of the greatest ways to save your green is to have some really “Good Things” (like Martha would say) that work well for you. I have a few of those good things and I thought I would share one of them with you today.

In order to save money on pedicures I op to have a few “Good Things” in my bathroom.
One of those I absolutely LOVE is my MR. PUMICE™. (My daughter pronounced it (poo-mice once and we cannot get over it. It will be Mr. Poo-Mice forever, because it was so funny.)

You can find MR. PUMICE™in a good Beauty Supply Store for about $2- $3. Or you can CLICK HERE buy one now. The thing works like magic on your heels, callus, and removing old dead dry skin. I used to have cracked heels, but not since I started using Mr. Pumice. One bar lasts a very long time too, so you will get your money’s worth. I have had my bar for over a year and it is just now starting to wear thin. I will have to break down and buy a new one soon. :) I will tell ya that this little thing is lighter than a regular pumice stone and whatever it is made of works a 1000 times better!

I gave one each to my Mom and my Grandma and they love theirs. You know what your feet look like after walking around all day in flip-flops or sandals? You know all of the grime from the parking lot and mall floors that somehow transfers up to the bottoms of your feet then when you take off your pretty strappy sandals and it looks like you have a grime tan on your feet? MR. PUMICE™ will get all that grime off of your heels and keep them soft and supple.

I take my cues from the pedicure shop when I use it. When ever I am taking a shower I just let the tub plug a bit so my feet are soaking in water while I shower. Then I keep my bar soap resting on top of my MR. PUMICE™ so all the pours collect all the soap that would have gotten all over my tub as soap scum. The soap and MR. PUMICE™ scrub the bottoms of my feet clean and soft. Or you can add a bit of your shower gel soap to the top and start scrubbing, just like when you get a pedicure. So you have soft, callus free feet all year long.

I Love, Love LOVE my Mr. Pumice!

Another way to save on pedicures is to paint your own nails at home. But do it just like they do and you will look like it was done professionally! After your feet are all scrubbed clean from Mr. Pumice, put some nice lotion or cream on them and give yourself a nice foot massage, (or con your hubby into doing it! Hehe) next clip and file them neatly, and then paint your nails with clear polish and let dry. The next layer is your color, paint that and let dry. Wait you are not done yet, save all that hard work and give your nails a top coat of clear again to protect them. If you follow all of the steps your nail salon does you will get the same long lasting results, and save your hard earned green for new strappy sandals! CLICK HERE to buy a Mr.Pumice online or to check them out.

Oh and just in case you want to know my Mr. Pumice is the purple extra coarse. And my hubby uses it to soften his hands. My daughter used it once to scrub her white flip-flops! (She told me after the fact, not sure I would have said yes if she had asked!) The good thing about that is that you can use anti-bacterial soap on it too!

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