Monday, April 19, 2010

Walgreens How To

You have the Walgreens deal list, now what? How do you take that list and make it your own? I have had several people ask me that lately and I wanted to share it with you.

Take a look at the list; I always gravitate to the FREE stuff first. Ask your self do you use it? If you can use these items or can donate them to someone who can start there. Then check to see if you have the coupons required for the deal.

(Here is where you can start working your way up, if you are just starting coupons you can just print them and do only the deals that have printed coupons. If you want more buy a couple Sunday papers each week. You don’t have to clip all of the coupons and take up all of your Sunday afternoon. I just take the coupon inserts out of the papers and write the date on top of them with a black marker. Most deal sites like mine will have the date of the coupon listed next to each coupon so you only clip them if you need them! BIG TIME SAVER! )

OK now you have your coupons, next check to see which items have the highest paying Register Rewards aka RR’s. I try to buy one item that has the highest paying Register Rewards in my first transaction and work my way down.

For instance:

Schick Hydro razor $7.99 – receive $5 in RR
Use the $3/1 from 03-21-10 SS insert
FREE after coupon and RR

Nature's Bounty Vitamin D-1000 IU Tablets 120 ct $5
Get $5 RR’s
use $1/1 from 3-14-10 RP
FREE+ $1 after coupons and RR’s!

Total, Advanced or Enamel Strength Toothpaste or Wave Toothbrush $2.99
Get $2 RR’s
Use $.75/1Total Enamel Strength printable
or Use $1/1 from All You April 2010 or $.35/1 from 3-28-10 SS
FREE after $1 coupon and RR’s!

U by Kotex Feminine Care $3.49
Get $2.50 RR’s
Use $1/1 printable
or $1/1 from ALL You April 2010
FREE after coupons and RRs!

So my list will be:

Transaction #1
Buy one vitamin for $5
Use $1/1 coupon
Pay $4 out of pocket aka OOP
Get $5 in RR’s

Transaction #2
Buy one Razor for $7.99 & one filler
Use $3/1 coupon
Use $5 RR’s
Pay $0 OOP
Get $5 RR’s

Transaction #3
Buy one Total toothpaste for $2.99 & one (50 cent at least)filler
Buy one U Kotex for $3.49
Use $1/1 coupon for the toothpaste and one $1/1 for Kotex
Pay with $5 RR’s
Get $4.50 in RR’s

Easy right?

You can put two items together as long as they don’t come from the same company. For some reason you won’t get two RR’s from the same company. So I just play it really safe and do one transaction at a time. Usually I go to the cosmetics counter so I don’t hold up the main line.

When you are actually at the store getting the items listed in the deal “working the deal” make sure the little green light is on the small printer box next to the register. The little green light will be on while the cashier is ringing up your transaction if it is going to print out RR’s at the end of the transaction.

RR’s most of the time do not roll. This means that you cannot buy Total toothpaste get $2 in RR’s and then use those RR’s to buy another Total toothpaste and expect another $2 in RR’s. They won’t print unless they roll and they don’t roll very often. You will see us dancing with joy( LOL) when they do. The cashiers will sometimes tell you too if the item rolls.

Speaking of cashiers or Walgreens employees, when you are there remember to be nice. Hey they are just doing their job. (Even though some may take it way too seriously than others) Hey you get more flies with honey and that is true. If a deal does not work and you know it should try to talk to them nicely about it and if they still refuse just don’t bother. I try to remember that getting upset over something that is FREE does not really make that much sense. It’s FREE, don’t waste your time! Come back another time this week or go to another Walgreens if you really need it that bad.

RR’s are manufacturer coupons aka MQ or MFC. Walgreens will only take one manufacturer coupon per item. So this means if you are buying Total toothpaste, using a $1/1 coupon and paying with a RR’s from the vitamins then you need filler or the sale won’t go through. Fillers are easy. Get some pencils that are 9 cents or $.39 holiday candy whatever you just need one more item so the amount of coupons you have equals the amount of items you have.

Let’s say you are all done with the above scenario and you have $4.50 in RR’s left over what do you do with those? Some folks save them and use them to start their deals next week. I live about 45 minutes away and I am a Mom and sometimes my plan to go back to Walgreens never goes through or my three year old gets into my purse and looses them. So I just use my RR’s up before I leave the store. Run the whole thing through as many times as you have coupons and then use the left over RR’s for stuff you need or want that don’t have RR’s. I get some toilet paper most times because we need it. But if you need some makeup knock yourself out it is your hard earned RR’s!

I know what you will do because you are a Mom like me, get some toilet paper and then some cheesy toy for you three year old.

Hey so I don’t forget you might also want to check out the Walgreen’s Coupon Policy by clicking HERE.

If you are really new to the whole coupon thing, try the Walgreens deals by all means. Not having to buy shampoo, toothpaste, makeup, toiletries and what have you will save you soo much GREEN!

I really save at Walgreens and you can too, it is not that hard. I never spend more than $15 dollars up front (OOP) and I usually come home with at least $50 worth of items or more. Not every week will be stellar, but that is cool because some weeks you just won't have time to stop at Walgreens.

Thanks to Slickdeals!

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