Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moving...down to the last bit of panic!

So this is the deal, I am leaving on Wednesday, June 9, 2010! That is coming up really fast! I seem to have a rather LARGE last minute list of things to do...huh?

Maybe I was procrastinating just a bit! LOL I think maybe it is that and also because there were a thousand other things I had to do also like yard sales, graduations, and moving my daughter into her first apartment!

Sigh...any how long story short I am going to be really busy these last few days and I may not have time to post very much at all. I will try but it is looking like not! I will post as soon as I can and send you pics of anything fun!

Meanwhile back at the empty ranch....

1.We can hear echoes in our old farm house because it is so empty.
2.My three year old asks me about 40 thousand times a day if we are moving to Colorado now. Poor little guy his whole world is all messed up!
3. My back is killing me and I am not sure if it is from lifting and toting or from sleeping on an air mattress because I sold my bed!
4.I think I will end up having too much stuff to move even though I feel like I have gotten rid of just about everything in excess already! I did have three weekends worth of yard sales and made about $800 in moving money so that helped but it was hard work!

Lastly wish me all the luck and send as many prayers and good thoughts our way, Lord knows we will need every bit of it!

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