Friday, June 11, 2010

We Made it to Colorado!

Hi everyone! My three year old and I finally made it to Colorado! The day of flying was anything but fun.

We had plane delays and that caused us to have to run 40 thousand miles across the airport to try and make our next plane.

The plane however did not know how important we were (LOL) and tried to leave with out us! Can you imagine!
I did have to beat on the door to make them let us in, and we barely got our butts buckled in before the plane left.

Then when we got to our finial destination the airport told me that my bags just could not run as fast as we did and they never made the connection.

I had to borrow a car seat from the airport, (I guess this has happened before, SHOCKAH!) But they were kind enough to deliver all of our belongings a few hours later which was so nice.

I am happy to be here. My other teenage son, and Dad still need to get here before we can call it moved in. So we are currently staying at my Mom's home for a visit.

Thanks for all the warm wishes. I will start posting deals very soon!

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