Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Ideas???

Halloween is just around the corner and really if you want to get a deal on Halloween you cannot procrastinate! If you did not already purchase your costume and Halloween supplies last year off of the 75% clearance rack remember to do so this year! Wait a few days after Halloween and then head to your favorite store, or even online!

But now you can go to and check out their Halloween costume selection. This is a perfect way to get an idea on the perfect costume for your child or even your self! I try to dress up every year because it is fun, but if you are enjoying your self so will your child! This year I am thinking of going as Kat Von D, the Tattoo girl from TLC. This will be easy she recently dyed her hair pinkish red so since I am already a red head I am just going to get a can of pink hair spray paint for my hair. I have some black clothes and I have been picking up some press on tattoos off of the clearance racks here and there...Simple.

But if your costume choice requires a bit more you could go to and get your self a costume. They have free shipping on orders $40 or more I think, and you could always do like me and just get the accessories for your costume. I try to make the most part of our costumes my self then just purchase the accessories that finish it off.

Like my three year old wants to be a ninja for Halloween (mostly so he can carry a sword AND a knife!) Boys, they are strange! Anyhow I am going to do the black clothes my self, and make the hood so I know he will be able to safely see. I am going to get red glow sticks from the Dollar Tree and sew those on his black outfit for stripes, (and safety)! Then I will buy the silly plastic sword/knife ninja weapons from or some other store. This way I am only spending $$$$ my green on the accessories and not the entire costume.

I went to, Target, and Walmart there I noticed that all of the ninja costumes were basically a black outfit with some red stripes here and there and some weapons. Oh and the black hood. Uh that is simple to do my self, and my glowing red stripes will make the costume a bit more safe! This is saving some Green!

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