Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hurry Free Picture Books just perfect for Christmas!

If you have not went to Picaboo to sign up and get your FREE picture book you better hurry. CLICK HERE and go! GO I tell you. This is an awesome gift! This is a $39.00 value for FREE!

You have until Oct 25th to go there and get started. You get a Free 20 page book and all you have to do is pay the $8.99 shipping charges. Choose from Large Classic, Classic Leather or Classic Custom Photo books.

I made mine today and I did not realize how wonderful this is! I had a hard time choosing between all the great photos of my beautiful children. It turned out really well. When you check out use the code FALLBK and it will deduct the $39.99, like I said you will still have to pay shipping but this is a serious steal all the same.

OK Then my frugal friends while you are in the photo book making mood just hope on over to Kodak by CLICKING HERE and get another FREE Photo Book!

Use the code TARGBOOK. This one is not as nice as the Picaboo one but still good and FREE none the less! Just like before you get a FREE book.

When you get there create a new account (and get 50 free prints too!) choose photo books, start now, then choose the small 14 page auto fill book. It is a $9.99 value but you have to pay $1.99 shipping on this one. If you add your free photos the shipping is like $3.28 for it all.

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