Thursday, December 30, 2010

TLC Extreme Couponing~ review it!

OK I know I was not the only one that watched the TLC show last night about Extreme Couponing.

I watched the four shopaholics (That is what TLC calls them,) as they went through the stores with a vengeance and emptied the shelves paying only $2 for a $1000 worth of items.

I want to know what you thought of the show?

This is how I feel. Number one, those people were "Extreme Couponers" as the title stated, and not the norm. But they do give us a bad name. Their stockpiles were huge, but so huge it was clear that they would never be able to use that amount of items before they expired.

I don't know about you but old deodorant is useless. If you have ever used old deodorant you were probably extremely disappointed or stinky. The guy on the show bought about 1500 deodorants, so next year you might want to steer clear of that guy cause he will reek! PU!

I would imagine that other health and beauty products would loose their potency after one year as well.

The number one concern I had with these "Extreme" shoppers is that they empty the shelves for all the weekly deals so that other coupon getters like you or I won't get that deal. I have went to the store with my plan and coupons in hand many, many, many times only to find an empty shelf. UGH! That frosts my butt let me tell you! I don't buy coupons online. I typically will only get four of each item, ten is my limit. I won't get more than ten. Mainly because we don't need it. I am not willing to let it sit on my pantry shelf just cause it was free.

There was one shopper on the TLC show Extreme Couponing that only got what she would use. I am like that. If I get something that I cannot use I get it to donate. I hope I am not the only one. One lady on the show ran out of space for all of her stockpile so her husband was tossing 120 boxes of Barilla pasta on a futon! That is craziness!

Next I think that some items are just not good for my family so I won't get them even if they are free. We all have our junk food but I am really trying hard to limit the amount of junk I feed my family. I found with my last child that artificial colors and basically junk food really has an adverse effect on him, and therefore on my nerves! He turns more hyper and less fun to be with when he eats poorly. He is my third child and my other children never had noticeable changes in their behavior like he does. So now we watch what we eat even more. But it has also splashed over and made our entire family eat healthier. We also feel better too.

So I know that the show gave us a look at the Extreme versions of coupon users, and I am not in that group, but this could make the folks checking me out at the store a bit more skeptical about my deals. I am really just in it to save money, not to rip the store off. One of the shopaholics admitted that he was playing a game of chess against the store. If I get a deal it will be the honest way. I don't want to teach my children that ripping off the stores is OK.

I am putting my foot down here and vow to never become a shopaholic that hoards thousands and thousands of deodorants no matter how cheap it is! hehe...really folks I just don't have time to be a shopaholic, because I am too busy being a mom. My son needs a bath, and I have to make leftover stew out of the vegetable tray and the prime rib we ate for Christmas. Oh I might through in a few taters from my 50 pound stash that is in the cellar...dang that seems like a lot! I promise we will use them all winter! LOL

Oh and by the way, I just love these shoes. I will never wear them, but I think they look so fun. Like a episode of Sex and the City or something. The shoes I have worn in the last 48 hours have been my new slippers I got for Christmas, snow boots, and my tenny runners!


  1. I blogged about it too....just such a shame that they chose to show things like a stockpile that takes over three rooms of a house. That isn't a stockpile, that has wayyyyy crossed the line into hoarding!

    By the way - if you hit an empty shelf, grab a raincheck!

  2. I agree they crossed over to the hoarding side. I have gotten a few rain checks but we really live too far away from the stores right now for that to be something that works out for me.

    I also don't have time. I am busy with being a Mom and if my coupon time starts to add up it stops being a good deal. My time has a value too! Thanks for the great comments!

  3. I wish I had known this show as on. Looks like it will be on again in a couple of days so I am going to try to watch. It sounds like some of these folks have gone way overboard. I'm glad you're not like that !

  4. Bev you said it! I am glad I am not that way either. I don't know when I would have time for my family if I set aside 70 hours a week to couponing! That is nuts! You should watch, it is extreme though so keep that in mind.


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