Monday, March 7, 2011

L'Oreal USA Panelists Wanted!

I have been a L'Oreal Panelist for several years now. I have to say it is an easy way to get some nice FREEEBIES from L'Oreal! It is consumer testing for L'Oreal USA. If you live close by you might get to go in and test products too!

Randomly they send you an email requesting your participation in a survey and to see if you qualify for a particular group they are looking to test products.

I have tested one product, but the best thing about being a panelist with L'Oreal USA is that they only send you an email when they need to, you won't be getting a full mail box from them. I would say once every three to four weeks is when I typically get an email. This is perfect for me because I have a life!

Secondly once you complete five surveys they send you a FREEBIE, a full size freebie of one of their products! Awesome!

Well L'Oreal USA are looking for panelists right now. Not just women either they are currently seeking to fill slots available for a men 's study beginning March 21st!

And if you are just a girl like me you can still sign up! CLICK HERE to get started!

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  1. Thanks for the info!!Off to sign up. Stopping by from the blog hop.


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