Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Save Money Eating Out?

Yes!  You can save money when you eat out, and here is how:

One, you don't have to plan too far in advance but you can print out coupons before you go.   If you have a (not so good) habit of eating out all the time then print out multiple coupons and have them handy in your purse or diaper bag.  Here are a few to get you started:

Enroll in Dunkin Donuts Perks Program and get a receive a free medium beverage upon enrollment, plus another free medium beverage on you birthday!

From 4pm to 10 pm everyday in April Kids eat Free at IHOP! AND until 4-17-11 use this PRINTABLE COUPON and save 20% off your entire bill!

On April 12th (Next Wed) is FREE CONE DAY at Ben & Jerry's! FREE ICE CREAM!

I will keep looking for other coupons, and you should too. If you want to go to a specific Restaurant and cannot find a coupon, check our their website or give them a call. You will be surprised what deals they will come up with if you tell them you are wanting to come to their establishment but want a coupon or special.

The second way to save tons while eating out is to order WATER! Yes that is right, unless your meal comes with a drink order water and you will save about $3 a person, which adds up fast, and water is better for ya anyhow.

Three, if you are taking your kids give them a number. Before we order I give my children a amount they are allowed to spend on their meal. This is how I can budget the cost of the meal. If I know their limit is $10 bucks a person I know how much my cost will be on average at the end of our meal. It is good for them to learn math, and how to get the most for their money too.

Four, GO EARLY! Most establishments have a lunch menu that is almost the same as their dinner menu, except for the cost! The lunch menu is typically less expensive and lasts until about 3pm (each will be different) So if you can eat early and order off of the lunch menu.

Lastly, check for birthday clubs, kids clubs, or kids eat free policies at the places you dine. One free meal can take a big chunk out of the total cost!


Don't try to rip off the establishment, the best way to save is honestly. You can be smart and creative but keep your morals while you do so.

Don't save in the TIP! Figure the amount you saved in your head and apply it to the bill when you are giving 15%-20% of the cost for the tip. Here is not the place to skimp, this is someone else's income. Base it fairly on the service provided by the server but don't skimp here, especially if you want to come back and get good service again.

Don't be a pain in the patooty! The old saying, more flies with honey or what comes around goes around REALLY is true. If you coupon is not accepted for whatever reason, adjust! Then smile, and order something else. Next time call ahead if you have to, but don't be mean or rude to someone that is just following the rules their boss set in place. They just are doing their job.

These are just a couple ways you can save eating out. Be creative!

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