Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Do you ever worry about your family riding their bikes in the evening or at dusk?   Sometimes I take my son out for a ride on his bike in the evenings, but it ends up being so late by the time we get home from work and do dinner and all the other things we have to do it is almost dark and I start to worry about our safety.  Cars have trouble seeing us with just a simple bike reflector.

But I found this awesome new product, a Bike Glow Safety Light it is a ten-foot flexible light tube that uses electroluminescent technology and bright colors for increased visibility from the side.  It was really easy to install on my son's bike.  The 10 foot light tube is just wrapped around the frame and then secured with zip ties.  The lights are powered by a battery unit and that is secured on the bike easily with a Velcro strap.  My so loved the lights on his bike and he could choose from several different settings for it like: set for constant illumination, slow flashing or fast flashing modes.  It was very cool for his bike.  So cool we had tor ride all over the neighborhood to show off his super awesome flashing lights.  

(This is my son showing it off.  Yes those are his mandatory cowboy boots!  I say "mandatory"  because he wants to wear them everyday all day even with shorts!)

This is something that everyone will love:  

Mom's love it because they can add an extra level of safety for their child while they are riding their bike.   

Kids love it because they have a cool light up bike!   Anything that has flashing lights is awesome.  

Here is a short little video of my 4 year old riding his bike at Granny's house.  So cute!  As you can see he is a dare devil!  He wears his own cowboy boots, no helmet and was trying to do jumps when he was three.  BikeGlow is just about the only kind of safety I could force him to use!  

I am not suggesting you allow you children to ride their bikes after dark but if you end up riding out a little later than normal, like at dusk then you can be sure a car driving by will be able to see them and not hit them.  
I tried this new fun but very practical light for my son's bike from BikeGlow.   

Imagine how much fun it would be to take a ride your self with this BikeGlow light.  Now that the days are getting shorter you might find yourself out on a morning ride but it is not quite light enough outside for you to feel safe but with BikeGlow you would be visible from all angles.  

BikeGlow is powered by 2-AA batteries and is supposed to give you 120 hours of lighted protection when set to a flashing mode and 50 hours when set for constant illumination. 

BikeGlow provided me with a free system to review but you can get one at REI stores and specialty bike shops across the country at a retail price of $24.95 and in a variety of colors. Or you can go to www.bikeglow.com, and check it out right now!

Or how about getting a 25% off coupon code for a BikeGlow of your own!  Saving Your Green Readers can use this code "SYG"  to get 25% off !  This is a great outside toy really and that is the best gift a Mom can give to her children incentive to go outside and play!  

I really would love for you to try this and it would be a super cool gift for anyone at any age.   Check out their Facebook page and if you Like BikeGlow on Facebook be sure to leave a Comment on their wall "Saving Your Green sent you."

BikeGlow provided me with this item for free to review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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