Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Military Families~ FREE Goody Bag From Wholly Guacamole!

I was just over at my friend Teresa's blog, Money Saving Maine-iac and she has posted an awesome freebie for Military Families!  I am now a Disabled American Vet's wife, but I used to be a full time Army Wife and I appreciate the support of the Military in any way shape or form....This is in the form of a Goody Bag from Wholly Guacamole!

Since they are not saying exactly what will be in the bag it will be like a surprise bags we used to get as kids...what were those things called???   Here is what Wholly Guacamole's Facebook Page has to say about the Goody Bag...

 you know i can't say no, soooooo, military families (past&present) can send us post/base post cards with their address on them (sorry no canada or international). we will send them a goodie bag (still figuring out what it will be - lol). must be in our office by august 19th. it is a very very small token of our appreciation. 

- if you do not live on base, send a postcard from where you are stationed or your hometown
- just need your home address, no PO box
- sent to: marketing, wholly guac, 300 burlington rd, saginaw, tx 76179
...- if you are NOT military, please do not send in a postcard. already got e-mails UGH. please do the right thing :)"


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