Monday, August 15, 2011

The Mom In Me Monday ~ Back To School?

The days of back to school are always so hectic!   I am feeling the crunch myself because I have been thrown so many hoops my way and I am getting too old I guess to jump so fast! 

I was working part time at the Post Office and my area manager called on Friday and asked me if I wanted a sweet full time job.  I said yes but that means I have to move!  Oh and here is the hoop, I start Wednesday!  

My Preschooler will have to find another school.  (No not all by himself, I will do that!)  His dad was accepted to a Medical School in another state!   So he will be taking the camper for the next two years and we will have to make it happen with 8 hours between us. 

Then there is more!   My oldest son is going to college for the first time on Thursday!  I wanted to take him to college (5 hours away) but I will be working that day at my new job!  Can’t leave on the second day I am sure!  

These are all good things and I am not complaining.  I have a wonderful Mom and Grandmother that will be filing in a big gap of caring for our preschooler until I find a school for him.  And we will be staying at their house until I have some time to find a new place to live as well!  

I am thankful though for all of these things.  My oldest son is so smart and mature that I have full confidence in him being able to handle this move.  He has always made me proud and he will always make right and good decisions.  How awesome is that! 

Two years is a long time for us to try and make this work apart but we have been there and kinda done that before with the Military and this will fly by.   Once he is done with this bit of book learning his opportunities will be much greater.  We have been stressing how we will handle the funds portion during these two upcoming years but God has provided again with this full time offer for me.  Don’t worry I will keep blogging because I will have so much more to share!   

I get to discover a new neighborhood, which will include more stores more deals and more ways to save!  


  1. Congrats on all the good things Terre. God provides for sure. I went from being worried about losing my job to getting hired to the same job by a new company for $13 more an hour and better benefits. And you are right 2 years will fly by and Dave being gone will be behind you. And it's not like he'll be overseas like in the military. I'm pulling for you.

  2. Thanks Ken! I need all the pull I can get! I know it always seems to work out some how. God has always helped me see it through. I am so blessed to have this job and such wonderful kids and an awesome guy like Dave. We did the military thing before so we are pro now LOL


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