Monday, August 22, 2011

The Mom in Me Monday ~ Bread Pans and Leftovers?

I have been accused of making too much dinner on numerous occasions.  The thing is there is a method to my madness.  I like to cook double the amount and then I can do several things with it.  If you start doubling your amounts you will find that you cook the same amount of time.  It really does not take any longer to make one meat loaf than it does to make two. 

Also if you buy the huge family pack for most meat you will find that generally you get about $1 per pound off the cost.  (Unless you have a deal with a sale and/or a coupon.) 

If you don’t save the rest of your spaghetti or macaroni casserole in the freezer for another night you could also eat it for lunch the following day and that saves you even more money and time because you don’t have to make another lunch.  Send it with the lunches the following day and have a home cooked meal at your desk for lunch instead of going to the local burger joint for lunch. 

I really have begun to have a complete aversion to too much restaurant food or any prepackaged.   I started really noticing how we felt after we ate it.  It was not good.  Start paying attention and I think you will agree. 
Another great idea I found was bread pans.   You can find bread pans at thrift stores or regular discount stores for very cheap.  Spay them with non-stick spray and they are the perfect size for a main dish for a family of four.   They stack so nice in the freezer too.  You can put a nice meat loaf or spaghetti casserole in them, and wrap them in plastic wrap and then foil or freezer paper and then label the front.  Stack a couple more right on top in nice neat rows in your freezer.  You will find they are real easy pans to come by and easy to work with.  You can put 4 pork chops with rice in one, squash casserole, chili or just about anything.  They are my new favorite thing. 

The main reason I love them is for the crazy nights when I am so tired and just don’t feel like cooking and SURPRISE, guess what company is coming for dinner.   So pull out your best meatloaf and squash casserole and bake….Tada!   You are a culinary genius and a magician with time!   This is perfect for Moms.  After all timing is everything.  


  1. Lol! I swear my mom did this when we were younger because she was the busiest woman and always had homecooked meals on the table. I ask her now and she just smiles.

    I never thought about using the bread pans though, great tip!

  2. I would have never thought of using bread pans, but that makes great sense. They're a good size to fit in the freezer. Loved your picture up their too!! :-)

  3. Thanks ladies for the wonderful comments! I am so happy you stopped by, hope to see you again soon!


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