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Tax Free Back to School Shopping & Other Ways to Save for Back to School!

This weekend is a great weekend for some lucky people because their states offer Tax FREE Shopping this weekend!   Make sure you know the rules of what you can or cannot by.  I listed it in my last post about Tax Free Back to School Shopping.   

If you don't see your state below for this weekend's tax free run, then check out the full list for other states and their dates.  You might just have to drive across the border for a quick shopping run!

Alabama's Tax Free Weekend: August 5-7, 2011

Iowa's Tax Free Weekend August 5-6, 2011

Louisiana's Sales Tax Holiday August 5-6, 2011

New Mexico's tax free weekend is August 5-7, 2011

North Carolina' Tax Free Weekend August 5-7, 2011

Oklahoma's Tax Free Weekend is scheduled for August 5-7, 2011.

South Carolina's Tax Free Weekend is August 5-7, 2011

Tennessee's Tax Free Weekend  August 5-7, 2011

This would be a big help if you are spending a big chunk of change.  If you are not then you can still find ways to save on your back to school shopping.  

The best way to save is to stock up on school supplies when they are on sale for cheap, cheap, CHEAP!   Like 1 cent sales at the office supply stores.  I take a friend and we both get the max amount (usually like 5.)  Build up a stock pile of all these items  and you can even get away with not buying any more supplies for a couple years!  

Secondly if you catch all the BOGO sales at your favorite shoe store.  This way you can get two kids shoes for the price of one or school shoes and the cleats you will need for sports.  

Check your local community for equipment swaps for all the sports equipment your child may need for sports.  If there is not a swap start one!   Your son may fit into the football pads your  neighbors kid wore last year!   

If you know what your child will need before hand look in thrift stores all summer for the white shirts or Kahkis for their school uniforms or keep an eye out for all the sales all year long.  

You don't need to get an entire wardrobe that will last all year long.  Kids grow and their tastes change.  Secondly for the first couple months in most climates they can wear shorts so their is no need for pants right away.  So spread out your shopping and that will be easier on your budget.  

You don't have to go to the big box stores to get the good deals on school supplies.  Walgreens, your local Hardware store or even the tiny ma and pa store will have some little deal on school supplies.  Check the ads, and get the 10 cent deals at all the stores you can, if you feel you have too much donate!   

If you cannot afford to get all of your school supplies don't be shy sign up for all the community programs that can give your children the tools they need.  My son's school has a really awesome program and each teacher's class has a table full of supplies required for that class.  If you need it you can take it.  This is a very kind and friendly community and  that makes you really good when you are a part of it.  

school supplies Pictures, Images and Photos

Here is another trick for those ridiculous supply lists send what you think your child will need and then contact the teacher to see if they are in need of more of any items.   For instance if the supply list requests 5 folders send 3, if it says 4 packages of tissue send 2.  Contact your teacher and find out what they really need because those lists can be just a general guideline with extras for those that don't send any supplies at all.  Once school is running and your teacher has time to settle in give them a call, then if they are low on one or two items you can help with the items in your stockpile.  

If the list says 2 packs of paper buy 10 or 20 then save the rest for the remainder of the year.  Those 2 packs of paper will not last all year long.  The paper is 70% off now, but later on in the year they will want $1 per pack!  I am not suggesting you clear the shelves but do stock up.  You will have enough to donate and to save for the remainder of the year or even for your supplies next year.  

Backpacks!   I have a big pet peeve about backpacks, because they don't make them all the same. The ones you find at Walmart, Target and Walgreens for $9.99 or so will not last your child all year long!  So don't bother wasting your money on them.  Just because they have a cute trusted little cartoon character on them doesn't mean they won't fall apart completely.  

The office stores have better quality packs, or order yours online some stores will have a backpack that will be $40 to $50 dollars but it will last for several years, and come with a life time warranty.  You can get a cute little cartoon character zipper pull, or a button to put on it to dress it up. You child will be into another character in six months any way.  If you are looking to buy one in the store, take the seams where is is sewn and pull as hard as you can if you see the threads start to spread and give then it won't hold its weight in books for very long.  Check to see how the handles or the wheels are built too, you can tell quality when you see it if you look. 

What ways do you find to save with your back to school shopping?

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