Sunday, September 11, 2011


Guest post by Jewel Cole

I love to cook and my husband knows that but when I almost burned the house down last year when I left a pot of eggs boiling on the stove something had to be done. I’ve always just been really forgetful which doesn’t bode well when you’re constantly making stuff at the stove and preparing meals then forgetting about them. We went and got an alarm so if the smoke thing ever happened again at least someone would be altered. We also contacted a cooking school in town and had a class set up just for forgetful chefs like me and I had so much fun taking it with my friends! I think the biggest help though has been the tiny egg timer my husband bought me that I set whenever I’m cooking something – it’s not like I can ever forget with that thing buzzing like crazy! I think my cooking has improved and I know Jeff feels a lot better about having me in and out of the kitchen now.

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