Friday, September 16, 2011

Walmart is Bringing Back Layaway!

I just heard that Walmart will bring back their Layaway program for the holiday season.   It will not be the same because there are fees and limitations but if you need to layaway some big items for Christmas this might be for you!

Here is the deal:

It will Start October 17th and end on Dec 16th.

You must make a minimum purchase of $50 or more and all items have to be over $15

$5 Layaway fee and a $10 cancel fee

If you don't make the payments on time or pick up by Dec 16th you will also be charged.

Thanks Just Trying To Save Money  for the heads up!

Here is a tip:

If you would like to do something like a layaway with no fees, most stores let you purchase gift cards with a minimum amount, you could purchase gift cards every week or on your paydays and use the end amount to make your Christmas purchases.  Some stores do have a use by date on their gift cards though so keep those dates in mind.  

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  1. Oh if I would only have the discipline to buy those giftcards and use them, great idea though!


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