Sunday, March 18, 2012

Budgeting Software

I have talked about the “B” word before and it is always time for a reminder about budgeting.   I know sometimes budget feels like a four letter word but really if you want to take control of your money you have to track it.  You have to know where your money goes before you can keep more for you and less for everyone else.   

Having great budgeting software that works for you is a must have for small businesses that have a need for great and easy to use budgeting software.   In this day and age we also must have technology as well, like a mobile app for your iPhone.   Profit and loss are always up to date, and now you see where your money is going.  

Tracking your expenses will help you keep your money where you need it.  Knowing where it all goes.  How much goes to entertainment, your travel expenses, and the amount you spent on supplies.  This can change the way you operate if you track it wisely.  

One of the great things about this service; you can get started today for FREE!  You know that the free part is the part I love!   It is not a trick you into it offer either, because there is also no limit to their FREE account.  No hidden limited trial period that will end just when you get used to having around.  I hate those, I hate having to remember when to cancel so I don’t get charges that I never intended to pay.  The paid accounts aren’t going to take all your hard earned cash either, because those are just $9.95.  This is also perfect for small businesses like ours in the blogger world.  

It is great to eliminate the piles of paper and the searching and searching, all the while saying where did I put that?  It is also easy to start up, and you can also import from your other existing accounts. 

Take time to start looking at where your money goes, even if you have to use the dreaded "B" word! 

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