Saturday, March 31, 2012

Moms Say NO to What's Not Right!

Have you heard of Pink Slime?

What is Pink Slime?  

It is a waste product of beef, things like trimmings, not even the muscle but other parts that they have scraped off the bone no one else wants and the stuff we won’t eat.

I read that 70% of grocery store ground beef has it in it and it is sold as “Boneless Lean Beef.”

It is a low value waste product that used be found in your pets food about a decade ago, but now, now it seems that it is going in our children’s mouths.  This really bothers me as a mother.  I want only the best for my children as I am sure you do for yours.  Why?  Why I wonder did they even think to put it in our food?   So McDonald's and Taco Bell apparently quit using this stuff and now they decided to put it in our children’s public school lunches, probably to safe a buck or two.  

But this is just morally wrong.  I don’t care who you are if you see the video of this stuff, what it is and how it is made you won’t want to eat it.  You won’t want to trust anyone anymore unless they can guarantee they are not putting it in their ground beef.   I am kind of angry when I have posted deals before of supermarket sales on ground beef, now I wonder.  Did I post a deal about ground beef that had pink slime in it?  Oh that just makes me cringe.  I also want to just about lose my lunch thinking of maybe I fed this stuff unknowingly to my family!   Ugh! 

Saving money for me has always been weighing out my options to find the best deal.  So I used to figure the cost of school lunches for my children and then figure the cost of me packing their lunch.  But the major factor still has to been the well-being of my children. 

My older kids used to get the lunches at school but that was over 10 years ago and I am hoping that this stuff was never in there.   It was more economical to get school lunches than it was for me to make them at home.  Now I am not so sure it would be a wise choice.  

Do you really want you children to eat this?   Do we want to buy this stuff at your grocery store and eat it as your family burger?   Not so all American BBQ to me any more if that is what we are getting.  

Mom’s we are the buyers, we are really the ones that control what goes into our family’s mouths and that will get the attention of the food industry if you and I choose to take a stand.  

I have been eliminating artificial dyes and flavors out of my youngest son’s diet for five years now and I will continue to  do so.  I used to not really pay that much attention but then 10 years ago the concerns we have now where slightly lessened.   The reason I started to pay attention was that with my last child it was noticeable instantaneously when something “not right” was in his system.   He was a little zoom, zoom wall-climbing, screaming, fit throwing, wild, out of control mad monkey on red dye #40 and Yellow #6, McDonald s happy meals used to be OK but now they throw him off the deep end even if he has a cheese burger and no soda, milk and apples!   Then if I eat at some fast food restaurants my stomach cramps and I pay for it later BIG TIME!   So that gets you to thinking why would my body and his body rejecting this so called “food” so much?  What is really in there?  

I am not sure about which places it have anymore, but if this “Pink Slime” used to be dog food and now it is given to our growing children in their supposed to be safe school lunches, then we need to change things!   If this is actually in our grocery store’s ground beef we need to change things.  The deal on ground beef is not that great if it’s got this junk in it.   So I am going to have to be more and more diligent in my purchases.  I will ask my local store before I purchase.  I will pay more for meat that I know is good and not slimed.  It is really important we all start doing the same.  

We can use our voice to review products and let manufacturers know what means the most to us and this goes the same for what quality we will accept.  So when you go to your local store or restaurants ask, no demand a guarantee that their beef is pink slime free.  

This is not saving our green if it harms our children in the long run.  I know they say it is perfectly safe, but it seems kind of iffy if you ask me, and I am not willing to risk it with my kids.  Make a stand Mommies!  Find out what is exactly in your school lunches and demand only the best!
I did check two of the local supermarkets that I frequent and this is their responses:  

We’ve listened to the questions many of you have regarding lean, finely textured beef. Our customers’ concerns matter to us, which is why our meat departments will no longer purchase fresh ground beef or frozen ground beef patties that contain lean, finely textured beef. While the USDA has stated that this is a safe product, Safeway is committed to providing you with quality products that meet your standards.
Dear Friends,

We have listened to your concerns that the use of lean finely textured beef - while fully approved by the USDA for safety and quality - is something you do not want in ground beef. You are our top priority and for that reason we have decided to stop purchasing ground beef that contains lean finely textured beef.

We are working with suppliers to accomplish this in a timely fashion. In the meantime, we would like to remind you that our stores are currently stocked with a variety of ground beef products that do not contain lean finely textured beef, if you choose to avoid it. These options include:

* Private Selection Angus and Ground Round.
* Private Selection All Natural Ground Beef
* Private Selection Organic Ground Beef solid in 1 lb. packages (labeled 80% lean and above)
* Laura's Lean Ground Beef
* All ground beef prepared in store

Thanks again for your honest feedback on this matter. Your feedback matters greatly to us. We sincerely hope you will continue to consider us the preferred grocer for you and your family.

King Soopers Facebook Team

I also heard from the above videos that Costco is a Pink Slime free store.  But it looks like to be safe and not slime sorry we need to get it from a butcher, buy a side of beef from a local source.  I am not sure I am shaking my head because it really upsets me that to save a buck I cannot trust the supermarket or even the public school cafeteria.   What are your thoughts? 

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