Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Cleaning and Redecorating My BBQ Area!

Now that it is spring and the warmest weather ever that I can remember I start cleaning off my patio and pulling out the BBQ grill from the garage.  I am thinking of parties and BBQ’s all summer long.  You might be having the same spring fever feelings as I do and maybe you need to know where to go get the new supplies you need to freshen up your patio look.  

I spotted these cute grape cluster lights that would really look so cool in the day light hours on my patio and then fantastic in the evenings when they are all lit up too!  They weren’t an arm and a leg either.   I really think they are nice and not like everyone else has on their patio either.  
Purchasing just one new thing to give your patio or any other room a new look is a fun way to still be fresh and frugal, at the same time.  It is an easy way to not kill your wallet and your budget would approve.  

Maybe grape lights aren’t your thing but how about a new set of grape dishes!  That would be fabulous for any dinner party on your patio.  These are gorgeous, but you don’t even have to go grape either.  The possibilities are almost endless, and you are only limited by your imagination.   I love to redesign and redecorate but hate to blow my budget doing it.   Think of taking small steps and changing up something small that will make a huge difference.  

Speaking of BBQ’s, there is one part of the “Q” that just about kills me every time.  I have worked for years and years carrying heavy stuff with my hands.  Heavy trays full of dishes as a server, or heavy pans working at a restaurant or unloading heavy supplies off of trucks when it was a shipment day.  All of those years of stress took a heavy toll on my wrists and now I cannot lift a heavy thing if I tried.  My hands kill me when they get cold too.  So when I have to mix up cold hamburger meat for meat loaf or hamburger patties I have to use my mixer.   But then when it is time to patty up the burgers I wish I could get a hamburger press walmart.   This would make my life so much easier and less painful too!

What are your BBQ and patio dreams this summer?

This was a sponsored post by, but all opinions as usual are 100% mine. You just can't get a Redhead to say just anything!  We are too stubborn! 

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